Group Workout Fitness Classes

At Burn Studios in Cabbagetown, we have plenty of group workout classes that help you sculpt your body and provide intense strength training, including:

        • Yoga
        • Cycling
        • Kickboxing

These classes provide High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, along with cathartic releases and balance. If you are ready to get started burning, then choose from our wide range of workouts and schedule your fitness classes today!

Yoga Classes

If you’re looking to find balance for your mind and your body, add some yoga fitness classes into your weekly workout routine.

In fact, practicing yoga daily can provide many different health benefits, including:

        • Improving flexibility and strength
        • Increasing your energy throughout the day
        • Reducing stress
        • Increasing mindfulness and awareness
        • Maintaining a balanced metabolism

Try our Yoga/Sculpt fitness classes to experience the power of using yoga as exercise.

Cycling Classes

Like yoga, cycling also has many health benefits. If you’re looking for a well-rounded workout, cycling is a great way to burn calories while also relieving stress. Since it’s a low impact exercise, you aren’t putting unnecessary strain on your knees or other joints, which also reduces your risks of energy. This allows you to spend more time focusing on the actual workout.

Cycling is an effective, high-intensity, and low-impact way to workout. At Burn Studios, we combine that with high energy music to create a dynamic experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Are you ready to jump on a bike and pedal away? Then sign up for our Burn Cycle fitness classes today and experience the burn for yourself!

Kickboxing Classes

At Burn Studios, we know how cathartic releasing pent-up anger and energy can be. That’s exactly what our kickboxing classes can help you do!

During kickboxing fitness classes, you will get a combination of martial arts and heart-pumping cardio for a high-intensity workout. This balance helps reduce stress, burns calories, boost energy and confidence levels, and is an ideal cross-training workout. Take a break from your normal workout routine and kickbox it out!

Both our BurnBox and Cross Burn fitness classes will give you an intense workout that uses kickboxing to help train your core. BurnBox also uses interval training for a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) experience.  

Strength Training Classes

Step away from the dumbells. Our strength training fitness classes use weights and plyometrics to help you strengthen your body from head to toe.

Sign up for our Strength fitness classes to start training your body today.

Burn Studios Cabbagetown

Burn Studios has three locations, including our Cabbagetown location in Atlanta. If you live near Cabbagetown, make Burn Studios your new gym for fitness classes.

If you have any questions about Burn Studios and our different fitness classes, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We would love to help answer any questions you have!

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