1. Make Health and Fitness a Lifestyle

    How to Make Health and Fitness Not Just a Priority but a Lifestyle

    There’s no time better than the present to start implementing new health and fitness goals.  However, it’s not enough to simply start. To see real changes, you need to make your changes long-lasting. It’s not about seeing a certain number on a scale or getting down to a certain dress size. It…Read More

  2. New to Group Fitness Classes 5 Tips

    New to Group Fitness Classes? 5 Tips to Have Fun and See Results

    Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, or simply improve your fitness level, a group class is a great way to accomplish your goals.  If you’re new to group classes, attending can be quite intimidating. So much so, a lot of people avoid going at all.   Luckily, there are steps you can take …Read More

  3. Tips to Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

    6 Simple Tips to Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

    It’s that time of year to start making your New Year’s resolutions!  If you’re like many people, fitness goals will be somewhere near the top of your list. Regardless of what you want to achieve, you need to find ways to ensure you stick to your goals.  How can you do this?  6 Fitness Tips …Read More

  4. Fitness Plan on Track During the Holidays with Group Classes

    How to Keep Your Fitness Plan on Track During the Holidays

    Staying on track during the holiday season can be challenging. Who doesn’t indulge during the holidays?  It’s easy to make excuses for over-eating and taking a break from workout routines. You’re busier, it’s cold outside, and your next New Year’s resolution is right around the corner.  …Read More

  5. Kickboxing is the Perfect Full Body Workout

    6 Reasons Why Kickboxing is the Perfect Full Body Workout

    Is there any doubt that kickboxing gives one of the best workouts?  Kickboxing in Midtown Atlanta offers a blend of cardio and strength training that goes by in the blink of an eye. This intense, but genuinely fun workout targets muscles throughout your entire body, offering an overall tone and a g…Read More

  6. Benefits of Strength Training

    Benefits of Strength Training: 5 Reasons to Start Today!

    There are a lot of misconceptions about strength training. Some people are worried it will bulk them up. Others are simply intimidated by weights themselves. How do they know which ones to use, where to start, when to move up, or which exercises to do? Unless you are a bodybuilder, strength training…Read More

  7. Best Group Exercise Class that Fits You

    How to Find the Best Atlanta Group Exercise Class that Fits You

    Exercise – it’s something you want to do, and yet, you’re not doing it.  What’s holding you back? Difficulty committing to a workout routine is very common. The underlying cause could simply be you haven’t found the type of exercise which works best for you.  When considering what group …Read More